Monday, December 6, 2010

Xbox 360 Modchip - The Facts

By Jason Hobbs

As the Xbox 360 is fast getting more and more popular, there will be people who will want to make the game console a more dynamic machine, so to say. Some enterprising people can do this by trying to make the Xbox 360 capable of playing backup copies of games. A new and original Xbox 360 does not allow gamers to play backup discs or copies. The game console would only play original and expensive game discs.

The purpose of having backups is to help gamers take good care of their original game title copy. When a gamer uses it into his Xbox 360 game console and play for hours and hours on end, he might be putting it at a risk of getting scratched or even toasted because the Xbox 360 has been known to be a very "hot" game console.

Due to its power and enhanced gaming capabilities, the Xbox 360 is prone to heat up when used for long periods of time. This can do some damage to the discs being used inside. Once it is damaged, there will be no other way but for the gamer to buy another original and expensive copy. But with an Xbox 360 modchip in your Xbox 360 will allow your game console to have the capability of playing backup discs so you won't have to put your original copies into any undue risks of getting damaged.

There have been claims that a modchip for the Xbox360 has already been developed. It has been known as the Globe 360. What is interesting about the Globe 360 is that it doesn't rely on any DVD-Drive firmware hack that have previously been used to get Xbox 360's to be able to play backup copies of original games.

The Globe 360 is said by its developers to be the world's very first Xbox 360 mod chip that is compatible with all DVD drives currently available on the market. No longer do you have to figure out which DVD drive model you need to have as you do with other currently available mod chips. With the Globe360 modchip, you can use it on any DVD drive model to available in the market today.

If you would like to play generic applications, Recordable DVD discs and backups on your Xbox 360 console, then there is no better chip available for you than the Globe360 modchip for the Xbox 360. Not only is this new mod chip compatible with all current Xbox 360 drive models, it is also more cheaper and is priced much lower than the various other Xbox 360 modchips on the market.

The Globe 360 modchip is plug and play compatible and does not require you to extract any drive-key from the console because it is featured with the ACTEL CPLD that bypasses the Xbox 360 drive-key check. With the Globe 360, you no longer need a lousy firmware hack just to be able to play backups on your Xbox 360.

The Globe 360 is able to retain all the original firmware of your Xbox 360. No need for any firmware-reading or flashing that may affect the performance of your game console in some way. What's more, the Globe Xbox 360 Modchip is 100 percent Xbox Live compatible and safe so you can still enjoy playing online multiplayer games without the risk of getting blocked.

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